Manuscript Submissions

Submission Windows: 1 - 30 


Submission Window: Currently closed. Expected to reopen September 2020. 

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You can still apply for manuscript feedback while our submission window is closed - see bottom of page. 


What will we be looking for?

  1. Individual short stories/ Short Story Collections/Poetry Chapbooks/Full Poetry Collections


  • Writers who have a strong voice and style.

  • A manuscript with a theme or story arc.

  • Writers unafraid to make a statement about something; to make a mark. (Fly on the Wall has published anthologies on mental health, social exclusion and global warming so far.)

  • We prefer writing with a sprinkle of social consciousness.  Definition of social consciousness here. 

  • Writers who have engaged with the work of Fly on the Wall before as a reader and feel they understand its ethos as a publisher. We are not an insular publisher: work must be accessible and engaging. 


Why Fly on the Wall Poetry for my book?


  • I work closely with my writers, to ensure that they are happy with the way their work is presented, and I will suggest ways of improving the work, where I feel it can be even stronger.

  • I will be providing both author copies and royalties and there are no hidden fees.

  • I pay 2-3 times the recommended royalty rate from the Society of Authors.

  • I will make sure the books are marketed to the highest standard, and work hard to promote them! (However, it is worth saying that all book marketing requires a team effort.)

  • I publish quality over quantity. 

How to submit:

You must have purchased a book from the Fly on the Wall website in 2020! To prove this, please forward the purchase email to me or tell me roughly what month and under what name, so that I can find this for you.

Length Guidelines

(Full guidelines will be available from September 2020)

  • Individual Short Stories: Between 2,000 and 6,500 words, with the subject line 'Shorts: First Name/Last Name', and attach in both word and PDF formats to

  • Short Story Collections: No limit on individual story length. Total length of manuscript between 10,000 and 40,000.

  • Poetry Chapbooks: Up to 32 pages of poetry. No restrictions on individual poem length. Closest book size for line length is A5. 

  • Poetry Collections: Up to 70 pages of poetry. No restrictions on individual poem length. Closest book size for line length is A5. 

  • A helpful tip on style and content. We want socially conscious work. For example, we love 'The Bone People - Keri Hulme', focusing on the Maori community, we love this talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche on the danger of telling a single story.) and here are 8 socially conscious novels.

  • Please note, we cannot read submissions which do not follow our guidelines regarding length or without a 2020 book purchase receipt, thank you.

I very much look forward to reading your work and appreciate your time in considering Fly on the Wall Press as a home for your book. 

Want feedback and a submission outcome within 2 weeks?

You can pay a submission fee of £15 to get full manuscript feedback - and fast! 50% of this is refunded if you are chosen for publication. (You can still apply for feedback while our submission period is closed.)