Persona Non Grata


Persona Non Grata is packed with exceptional poets writing on the theme of society's 'Outsiders'.

With interpretations exploring our refugee crises globally, physical and mental illness, homelessness, addiction and family estrangement, the anthology will be fundraising for two important and vital charities: 'Shelter' and 'Crisis Aid UK'.



AS OF 23rd of October 2020

I will return to Persona Non Grata many times as every time I read a poem again I find something new – a nuance, a carefully placed line break, a single syllable – that adds depth and emotion. There’s a perfect balance of important themes and excellent writing in this anthology."


- Linda Hill, Best Blogger Award 2018

"These poems are heartbreaking, asking you to pay attention and listen."


- Fida Islaih, Editor and Author

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