Prepare for Chaos.

21 artists bring you fiction, poetry and art which delights in the frantic, dabbles in politics and salutes to the planets and moon.


We must torch everything.

Start again. - Pamela Hobart Carter 'Blink'



Oh, you demon goddess of lost words

the mouth’s lawlessness,

see how syllables

orbit moons

unnamed. - Mary Ellen Talley 'Don’t Squander Looking at the Moon'



with your flea body pressed to his rumbling belly

you remember best – to be alive

is to stay constantly unsettled - Ankh Spice 'Taniwha Country'


Artists Included:


1. Sue Ibrahim – Sea Star Mass Mortality Event

2. Lucy Dixcart – This Dream is Going in Circles

3. Moira Saucer – A Mother’s Proposal

4. Tina Morris – Chaos Descending and Praise Be…

5. Caroline Johnstone – A Constant Hum

6. Amanda Dales – Opportunity, Wake Up!

7. Charles Lang – The Aftermath

8. Nikki Dudley – World War

9. Pratibha Castle – Waite’s Moon

10. Pamela Hobart Carter – Blink

11. Anne Walsh Donnelly – Dagda’s Curse on Society

12. Mary Ellen Talley – Don’t Squander Looking at the Moon

13. Ankh Spice – Taniwha Country

14. Ann Privateer – Art Piece

15. Alec Solomita – Infrastructure

16. Kevin Crowe – The Executioner

17. Kirsten Luckins – Letter 47

18. Kay Ritchie – Suspension

19. Peter O'Neill – Helen of Troy

20. Miriam Calleja – Lake Michigan

21. Aidan Blate – After the Debacle and a Tourist’s Guide to Pandemonium

Magazine: 'Chaos'

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