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With poetry by Lemn Sissay and Jackie Hagan.

The Mancunian Ways Anthology fuses poetry, art and photography to embody the spirit of Manchester and paint a picture of the changing city. We travel from rousing celebrations of resilience (in the light of the Manchester Arena bombing), to showcases of talent throughout history (Manchester’s inventors, artists, scientists and dreamers) and ultimately enjoy a vibrant mix of creativity from this vibrant city.


"Take up space. Break silence, break the peace,

scrawl gobby ink across the page,

rock the sand-banked boat, haul anchor and set sail

off the safe and narrow, off the dotted line,

out of the margins into a new geography.

Manchester music in all its clanging cacophony

of can-do, will-do,



- Something in the water By Rosie Garland


"In those hazy early years, I gave birth to a poet.

There’s a plaque on a wall that proclaims it.

Byrom his name (such a shame it wasn’t Lord Byron)

Who remembers John Byrom, a masonic mystic

who scribbled words into squiggles, invented shorthand?

It’s not exactly Don Juan."


- The spirit of Manchester By Estelle Price


"'provoked to madness by the brutality of wealth'

hives-line seizing us in an early 2000's hostel, after 'support-workers'

'what dya need books for yr homeless?' & us burning to read 'em wrong"


- the war of each against all, is here openly declared (engels) by burn


With work by Abbie Day, Alicia Fitton, Benjamin Francis Cassidy, Beverley O’Donoghue, Billy Morrissey, burn, Charlotte Murray, Cheryl Pearson, Dave Williamson, David Keyworth,Elizabeth Gibson, Estelle Price, Fiona Boylan, Jan Berry, Joseph Darlington, Kathy Zwick, Lee Garratt, Linda Goulden, Lisa O’Hare, Lou Crosby, Marie Naughton, Mark Andrew Heathcote, Nikki Culley, Olivia Walwyn, Penny Sharman, Peter Viggers, Reshma Ruia, Rod Whitworth, Rosie Garland, Ruth Aylett, Ruth Taaffe, Sam Rose, Sarah L Dixon, Sarah Pritchard, Susan Sollazzi, Tina Otito Tamsho-Thomas, Victoria Gatehouse and Vicky Morris.

Mancunian Ways Anthology