Paperback poetry collection. 100 pages. 


As a newcomer to poetry and writing Karl has made quite an impact with his succinct and thought-provoking style. Encouraged by Emma Willis MBE after he’d sent her a thank you poem, Karl’s work has been coveted by many. His work has included appearances at festivals and readings around the country. He is hugely passionate about encouraging other sufferers of mental issues to look toward the Arts as a means of therapy.


I heard Karl perform his poetry for the first time at a Style for Soldiers dinner, in support of injured veterans. Far from being a lover of poetry, Karl’s brilliant emotive poems had everyone and myself in the room transfixed on him and his words. I think I have been his number 1 fan ever since. When Brietling asked me to direct their WW1 centenary commemorations Film for the RAF, I knew there was only one man that could capture the emotion that could capture the poignancy as well as the romance of the RAF within a few short words. 

A room full of at first reluctant executives were stunned, most with goose bumps, some almost in tears when I read out Karl’s Poem for the first time. 

His numerous poetic expressions of the impact of post traumatic stress disorder following his time as a pilot in the British Forces for over 25 years are a testimony to the passion, courage and selflessness of our servicemen and women. 

Through Karl’s poetry they and the sacrifices made will never be forgotten. 

David James Gandy

Karl’s poems have flowed into my inbox for our a year now since he sent me a beautiful thank you verse for a party my charity ‘ Style for Soldiers’ had given; ‘ I used to be Soldier, I marched along with pride…’ I wept as I read this moving, powerful and deeply thoughtful poem and shortly after made contact with Karl, discovering how poetry was his fundamental medication that no other therapy had helped. We have since worked together, encouraging other veterans to write and perform poetry and Karl has brought joy and inspiration to many children with poetry workshops in schools, as well as attracting the British press and media to feature he and his work. He is an exceptional man, writing poetry that is accessible to all, voicing the struggles as well as the beauty of our times and affirming to anyone the psychological healing powers of creativity. 

Emma Willis MBE

Paperback: Second Life by Karl Tearney

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