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1st Shipment: Grenade Genie by Thomas McColl (full poetry collection) and Identity Magazine (short stories, flash fiction and poetry selected by Author Anna Saunders) - arrives April 17th (or asap after this date if your order is placed after April 17th)


2nd Shipment: House of Weeds by Amy Kean and Jack Wallington (full colour illustrated poetry collection) and No Home In This World by Kevin Crowe (Short Story Collection) - Arrives May 17th





Grenade Genie by Thomas McColl

25 brief studies of the cursed, coerced, combative and corrupted

80 pages


"It could be London, or any major city.  Thomas McColl writes about a wasteland more frightening than Eliot's, but one where you still have to laugh at the craziness.  A world of Instagram, security passes and decaying nuclear bunkers, where millions are spewed in and out of the Underground while being bombarded by invitations to go shopping.  Where it isn't even safe to cross the road, and what happened to the trees?  This is very definitely a book of poems for our times." 

- Merryn Williams, Bloodaxe Poet and Critic


“When I first read these poems I knew I was in the presence of a real poet writing honestly and perceptively, exploring what it means to be alive in these unsettling times. He takes poetry seriously but never himself and indeed some poems make you explode with laughter.”

- Rodney Wood, Poet  


“In ‘Grenade Genie’ Tom McColl goes urban exploring on our behalf. In the half-light he roams the plains of London and goes shopping with Greek heroes, mining the underground and 
bringing up the bodies to the surface so we can identify them. Absurd flights of fantasy and too real memories are observed via the relentless gaze of the digital. These poems are not snapshots. They are long exposures of life, he sees us, and he sees himself, with a brilliant clarity.”
- Barry Fentiman-Hall, Poet 


"'Grenade Genie' is a collection that is well-needed in these uncertain times, where political and social issues fill our pages. This is a must read where political poetry should be read and heard. I do highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the current contemporary poetry scene;the book comes as twenty- five brief studies of the cursed, coerced, combative, and corrupted and the urgency in these pages needs to be heard today." 

- Matt Duggan: Poet


Identity Magazine selected by Anna Saunders


50 pages.


25 writers share secrets through poetry, flash fiction and short stories. How do you define Identity? These writers have immersed themselves within that very question: listen. 


"When the war was over, he came back

a shadow, and shadows don’t speak." - Karin Molde


"In the kitchen / mother at the cooker / back turned 
to me / always / down the wrong end of a path / 
gravel-strewn / potholes every other step / I must
crawl for miles / to see her downcast eyes / 
swim a river deep with swirling pools / losing 
breath in churning waves /
" - Jenny Mitchell


"Mispronounced words are buried

beneath my tongue,

the poetry of a land I’ve never stepped on" - Amanda N. Butler


"The problem is…the smell. No one tells you about the smell. The pandits should also match smells while choosing husbands." - Swara Shukla


House of Weeds by Amy Kean and Jack Wallington


Illustration by Jack Wallington and Poetry by Amy Kean 

50 pages.


Step into a world of deliciously wild characters: a group of outcasts who have only their rebellion in common. Weeds and humans overlap in this prickly-sweet fusion of poetry and illustration, painting tales of society's outsiders.


“One is tempted to say that the most human plants, after all, are the weeds.”  (John Burroughs, 1881)


“Coming on like a south London Rimbaud, Amy Charlotte Kean gives us a ground level view of what makes us and breaks us. These weeds tell tales, biographies of the fragile yet indestructible; and are a reminder that life, however transient it might be in the dirt, is worth it. There is poison here, but much sweetness too.”

- Rishi Dastidar, Poet 
(Nine Arches Press)

“The ‘wet fire’ that burns on the pages of this book makes it uniquely attractive.  Brilliant, inventive & powerful.  This is one book everyone should own.”

- Bola Opaleke, Poet



No Home In This World by Kevin Crowe


Brendan Gisby, Editor:


"I’m a strong advocate of the short story as a literary form. Indeed, I’ve penned many of them, I’ve published seven collections of them, and for eight years I ran McStorytellers, a website dedicated to showcasing the work of Scottish-connected short story writers, including the work of the author. When I read these latest tales of his, I truly wished that McStorytellers was still operating so that I could have had the pleasure of publishing them on the site.


As a gay man “of a certain age”, Kevin Crowe knows a lot about the cruelties and injustices that have been and continue to be inflicted by this world. Those cruelties and injustices are reflected in many of the stories. There’s blatant intolerance in No Home In This World (the aptly chosen title of the collection); abject despair in The Roots of Their Raising; a terrible miscarriage of justice in No Smoke Without Fire?; and overwhelming sadness in Texan Condoms. There are no happy endings in these stories.


But it’s not all bleakness. We see the world redeeming itself in Moonlight Sonata and having the last laugh in The Dinner.


All in all, a fine collection that is worthy of your attention."

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