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(Non Fiction) Small Press Publishing: The Dos and Don'ts by Isabelle Kenyon

(Full Poetry Collection) Alcoholic Betty by Elisabeth Horan

(Poetry Chapbook) Awakening by Sam Love

(Poetry Chapbook) Dinner in the Fields by Attracta Fahy 




(Non Fiction) Small Press Publishing: The Dos and Don'ts by Isabelle Kenyon

Start with a good idea

Set up your own business

Fill a niche in the publishing industry and turn your hobby into a full-time career.

If you feel passionate that you can fill a niche in the publishing industry, but you haven't managed to get your lucky break so far, this book is for you. If you have already started running your own online magazine, small press or are publishing your own work in book form professionally, this book is for you.

With interviews from Indigo Dreams Publishing Ltd, HVTN Press, Louise Walters Books, Newfound Journal, Ghost City Press, Broken Sleep Books, Mason Jar Press, Queen of Swords, Neon Books and more.


(Full Poetry Collection) Alcoholic Betty by Elisabeth Horan

The brave and vulnerable poetry collection of Elisabeth Horan's past relationship with alcohol. Unflinchingly honest, Horan holds a light for those who feel they will not reach the other side of addiction.


"This is the hole. I go there
On Sundays. I go there after dinners
Before school --- mid work day
After lunch with the boss Mondays

The hole has Hangover coal
To paint my face to smudge
In the acne, rosacea, colloscum"


"Elisabeth Horan invents new words for pain, tendrils at first, wrapping around ankles to pull us under, show us hurt we may relate to, or torment we may be shocked by. And then a rushing river washing over the heart, leaving us white-knuckled and in need of rest. These poems are a menagerie of raw emotion, weaving the story of a life filled with ache. Alcoholic Betty is a voyage through one woman’s agonizing path towards redemption." - Mela Blust, Poet


(Poetry Chapbook) Awakening by Sam Love

Far from a doom and gloom autopsy of the contemporary 
environmental crisis, ‘Awakening’  indulges in fun. From the craziness of shipping bottled water 6,000 miles, to how 
bacteria evolves for a counterattack, this collection laughs at humanity’s war on nature. After reading Love’s poetry, you will never look at nature in the same way.

“I generally find contemporary poetry overly pretentious, and 
intentionally opaque, but Sam’s poetry is lucid and provocative. Fifty years ago, as one of the first Earth Day regional organizers, Sam played a key role in Earth Day’s mobilizing millions of people. Now Sam writes beautifully of environmental shame and hope.” - Denis Hayes, President of the Bullitt Foundation and National Coordinator of the first Earth Day in 1970.


(Poetry Chapbook) Dinner in the Fields by Attracta Fahy 

On Dinner in the Fields:

“Attracta Fahy is seer and chronicler, not of history as we’ve been taught it, but of a past speckled with folk memory; she is a seer into hearts, into the sensuous rush that sometimes defines what being human means. This is sensitive, reflective work, rooted in a vision that is both beautiful and existential.” 
Mary O’Donnell, Maynooth

“True poetry of the soul. Whether we read them in solitude or hear them spoken they give us a sense of our connectedness to the universe, to nature, and to each other.” 
Máirín Ní Nualláin Psychiatrist and Analytical Psychologist

“If these emotionally raw poems don’t make you sit up and listen you should perhaps go to doctor to check if you’re still alive.” 
Kevin Higgins 



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