An anthology for our time.

Poetry, Photography and Art unite to tackle climate change lethargy.

Book now available for purchase here

There has never been a more critical moment in this planet’s history. Ecosystems and species stand upon the precipice of extinction and await human action.


Spurred by the urgency of the situation, Fly on the Wall Press has teamed up with WWF, The Climate Coalition, Dr Michelle Cain (Oxford University), former Derbyshire Poet Laureate, Helen Mort, and wildlife photographer, Emily Gellard, to create an anthology for our future. 


“Planet in Peril” combines beautiful photography of endangered species and delicate ecosystems, with poetry designed to increase public awareness of the complex issues surrounding climate change, alongside leading climate change research.

Release date: September 7th 2019

Fundraising total as of December 31st 2019: £148.91

Get Involved:

School Workshops
Following the anthology’s launch in Autumn 2019, Fly on the Wall Press will reach out to primary and secondary age children through workshops designed to engage them in poetry writing and art inspired by the book and its themes. 
Current Workshops:
29th February 2020
Ecopoetry Workshop at Manchester's Nexus Art Cafe. Spaces limited, tickets here.
April 2020
King's Secondary School in Macclesfield.
Want to book a workshop for your school? I cover Derbyshire and Manchester areas and beyond with associated travel costs covered. Please email 

Emily Gellard Photography

Inspiration Hub
How can we bring science to life? Facts and statistics are important to raising awareness of climate change. How can we combine research with the Arts? 
Useful research links:
NASA: Climate Change 
Latest Climate Change Research
Oxford University ECI
WWF Studies on how climate change affects our animals
We have had 5 failed grant applications for this project! If you can help support our charity endeavour and our school workshop programme with any amount, a button is below. We are very grateful to you! 
Raising funds for WWF and The Climate Coalition. 
With thanks to Dr Michelle Cain and The Climate Coalition for your partnership and support.